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Health, Dental, & Vision

Are you retiring? Are you losing your health insurance through work?

Many options are available to meet your needs. Don't try to navigate the maze on your own. We review your needs, medications, and providers to determine the plan that checks all the boxes. We review the entire plan to get the most out of your plan. Many plans include wellness benefits, gym memberships, dental, vision, OTC products, massage therapy, and hearing aids.

Not eligible for Medicare yet? Not a problem. We are licensed with all local carriers. You may be eligible for financial assistance based on your household income and size. Plans as low as $0 per month.

Eligible for Medicare? We'll guide you through the Medicare enrollment process. We will review all of your options from all the carriers to choose the best plan to fit your needs.

We make the transition from your employer plan easy. If you are retiring, you planned for this day, and it is time to enjoy it. If you lost your job, we'll help alleviate the stress of finding coverage for you and your family. COBRA is not your only option.

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